The Aptitude Cervical Plates feature a slim profile design allowing for a smooth anterior service. The simple and intuitive one-step locking mechanism facilitates complete control by the surgeon during the procedure. The Aptitude system offers streamlined instrumentation to accommodate the needs of the patients and surgeons.


standard Anterior Cervical Plates

Aptitude Cervical Plate 3.png

Key Features

  • Low-profile Plate

  • Simple and effective, one-step locking mechanism

  • Large Graft Window

  • Pre-Lordosed to match patient anatomy


anterior midline cervical plates

Aptitude Midline Cervical Plate.png

Key Features

  • Small incision, minimizing lateral retraction

  • Narrow width optimizes post-operative visualization of the fusion site

  • Posterior cleats resist slippage and increase torsional stability

outline 3.png